Unilock™ Paving Stones

  • Antara
  • Cassova
  • Laroca
  • Mirada
  • Beacon Hill Flagstone
  • Brussels Block
  • Brussels Block Circle
  • Camelot
  • Camelot Circle
  • Courtstone
  • Richcliff
  • Copthorne
  • Fullnose
  • Brussels Fullnose (Tumbled)
  • Hollandstone
  • Transition Paver
  • Series 6cm
  • Series 7cm
  • Umbriano 6cm

Unilock™ brand paving stones can transform the curb appeal of an outdoor working or living space.

Both durable and visually-stunning, they are a flexible way to add interesting effects to a patio, walkway, driveway, deck, etc.

Unilock pavers come in a number of different styles, each with specific and unique attributes. You can mix-and-match to make a specific design statement that will integrate with all kinds of modern architecture and project designs.

You can take your pick from Unilock clay brick pavers, old-school cobblestones to a contemporary high finish. Unilock Pavers are created using modern technology that makes an outdoor paving project hassle-free and fast.

Contact us today for an estimate. We’ll help you find the perfect choice to compliment your project and make it much easier. While you are at it, why not ask us about these specific trademark- protected products:

EasyClean™ Stain Resistance – fortified with specially formulated elements that make them super easy to clean. A perfect choice for patios, because they can be completely cleaned before stains have time to take hold.

ColorFusion™ – This process randomly disperses colors to create the appearance of natural ston™

Ultima™ Concrete – A trademarked technology makes these pavers four times as strong as poured concrete.

Reala™ Technology – a patented process that gives these Unilock paving stones the realistic look and feel of natural rock, brick, and cobblestone.