Round Beach and River Stone

Beach Stone | Sugar Hollow Farms

Types In Stock:

  • Delaware River (grey color blends) – 3/8,” 3/4,” 1-3”, 2-5
  •  Pocono River (grey & red color blends) – 3/8,” 3/4,” 1-3,” 2-5″ • Harvest Gold (mostly yellow) 1/2″
  • Goose Egg (yellow & white) 3/4,” 2-4″
  • Round Beach Stone

River stones are semi-polished, rounded rocks taken from river or stream beds.

River stones have no sharp ends. Due to their appearance and durability, they are perfect for edging. They can be dusted for easy cleaning. A small percentage per ton will be flat- shaped.

Because of their shape and smoothness, they tend to move around a bit too much to be layered on top of a driveway. One ton will cover around 30-35 square feet.

Delaware River stones are a popular choice because of their natural beauty. They come in many organic colors, shapes, sizes and sleek textures. Since they have neutral, mellow colors, they work well with all kinds of landscape designs.

The colors range from brown, tan, blue, grey, pink and red. Some individual stones contain a mixture of shades. The various hues can create a very attractive, earthy effect when combined.

Their unique shapes and color varieties make them great for creating landscaping design patterns. They are very easy to apply and fit together.

River and beach stones are also a good mulch replacement and a good choice for creating walkways. They promote drainage while discouraging rot and decay. They do not attract pests.

Larger stones are useful for designing water features. Smaller ones are a bit more costly, due to the additional processing needed to reduce their size.

Sold in 80-pound bags – one cubic yard

Pocono River Stones

Pocono River Stones beautify project sites and are good for walkways, planting beds, walkways, borders, and more.
One bag will cover around 5 square feet.

Pocono River Stones come in colors ranging from maroon to grey and will complement most landscape designs.

Golden Harvest Stone | Sugar Hollow Farms

Harvest Gold

Harvest Gold is quarried the state of Montana and is available in a variety of warm, earth tones. It can help landscape developers create a very striking, unique look that will make your project stand out.

Harvest Gold comes in shades of gold, brown, tan, grey and bronze.

Goose Egg Stone | Sugar Hollow Farms

Goose Egg

Goose Egg is a naturally rounded and smooth type of river rock. Goose Egg is usually white, off-white or tan in color, sometimes with yellow hues.

Goose Egg varies from 3-5 inches. These stones get their name from their similarity in size and shape to a goose egg. They can sometimes have irregular shapes, however. And they are all shaped somewhat differently than one another.

3/4 inch Goose Eggs can fit many professional landscaping design purposes. They look great and are durable. Favored uses include edging, paths, water features, tree circles, and drainage.