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If you want something built on your property, most likely you will need to do some excavation. When it comes to excavation, it’s always best to look for the best expert advice you can find before starting. Although you can excavate a small yard or garden by hand, it can be a delicate process. Experienced landscapers with earth moving equipment will get the job done faster, while staying compliant with regulations and ecological practices.

Sugar Hollow has years of industry experience, fleets of excavation equipment, qualified professionals, and the right tools to get it done on time & within budget.

Sugar Hollow holds all required licenses and insurance. They have completed all mandatory safety classes, including a series of OSHA training programs. They also hold Flagger certifications, Rigger certifications and Competent Person for Excavation certifications.

Our laborers and operators maintain their qualifications on a regular basis. They also keep up-to-speed with the latest technology, techniques, equipment and procedures. They dispose of all waste materials legally and safely as per IEPA regulations.

We are becoming one of the best known and relied upon landscaping providers in the area. We offer mass excavation, basements, grading, drainage enhancement, erosion control, outdoor patios/steps/walkways, garden/retaining walls and tree and stump removal services.

At SugarHollow Farms, we’ll work with you from start to finish to make every aspect of your dreamscape a reality. No matter how big or complex, your excavation project will be in competent, proven reliable hands.

Ask us about these excavation-related services:

Site Development

The site development process is the foundation for any landscaping project. Site development generally includes creating a site plan, a utilities plan, and moving earth.

Having your utilities taken into account is particularly important for creating your site plan. The location of your electrical boxes, pipes, sewer lines affect what you can do on your property. This is something you cannot afford to get wrong. So, you are better off having professionals helping with site development.

Site Development | Sugar Hollow Farms


Often, a piece of land may not not suitable “as is” for landscaping work. In such cases, it must be leveled, sculpted and reshaped. Earth needs to be moved from certain areas and transferred to others.

Grading means getting outdoor areas ready for walls, trees, plants, patios, gardens paths, pools, etc. Grading guides water flow away from buildings and is essential for erosion control. Proper grading adds mild slopes that promote drainage and discourage pooling water.

Grading has established methods, so it is best done by pros with the proper tools and knowledge. Professional landscapers will assess your property to see how level it is, will look for signs of poor drainage, remove topsoil and then reshape the ground.

Landscape grading is a vital first step in every landscaping project. Make sure you have it done properly.

Grading | Sugar Hollow Farms

Drainage Enhancement

Landscapers devise practical solutions to boost drainage, prevent basement flooding, protect the natural water system and filter toxic materials. These solutions also help create a striking and impressive property. Drainage control is a bit complex, so it helps to get some expert advice. Certain materials like asphalt and pervious concrete always need professional installation.

Drainage | Sugar Hollow Farms

Erosion Control

Your property loses some soil each time it rains. This leads to silt formations at the base of your property. Silt buildup can cause problems with your drive and walkways and even your swimming pool. It can also get into storm drains and clog them up. If you live on a hillside, erosion is something of particular importance.

Plants create ground cover that stops rain drops from impacting soil particles, and allows them to gently filter into the soil. Certain species are better than others. When integrated with rock and boulders, they make a very attractive and practical solution.

The roots of ornamental grasses are excellent for keeping soil in place. Some species have finer roots than others and are great choices to stabilize your slopes. A good landscaper will know all the best plants appropriate for your area for controlling erosion.

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Our Customer Service Policy

Using the latest technology and expert insights within the landscaping industry, our dedicated landscape designers can offer you a range of options to enhance your property to.

Your 100% satisfaction is our number 1 priority at SugarHollow Farms. Every time you talk with our friendly, professional staff, they will make sure they understand your every need and concern.

They will get all the information required at every stage of your project, from planning to execution.