Typar Professional Weed Fabric

Sizes In Stock:

  • Typar Weed Fabric 3′ X 50′
  • Typar Weed Fabric 3′ X 100′
  • Typar Weed Fabric 3′ X 300′
  • Typar Weed Fabric 4′ X 300′
  • Typar Weed Fabric 6′ X 300′
  • Typar Weed Fabric 12′ X 300′

Typar Professional Weed Fabric is easy to use and handle.

Created from a unique blend of non-woven spun-bonded polypropylene, fabric, Typar stops weed growth while being porous enough to let water and nutrients through.

Typar boosts drainage without spurring soil loss. Since it is permeable, it avoids puddling along with associated mold and mildew.

Typar can stay in place for years to come. It can make a large-scale landscaping project look as perfect as possible with minimum maintenance.

Typar comes in smooth, tear and puncture-proof rolls. Although durable, it is easy to cut or trim.

Typar Professional Weed Fabric is great for:

  • Retaining walls
  • Gardens
  • Flower beds
  • Pot liners and planters • Under mulch and rock

Many pro landscapers like Typar because it is made of durable heat- bonded, non-woven polypropylene. It is resistant to mold, rot, bacteria and corrosive chemicals.

Typar is effective at halting most types of weeds. It’s easy to install and can stand up to the stresses of large construction and landscaping projects.

Many pros consider Typar Weed Fabric one of the most cost- effective landscaping supply product to solve a broad variety of landscaping issues.

Come and visit your nearest location of Sugar Hollow Farms Landscaping Materials and we’ll discuss how you can effectively employ Typar Weed Fabric.