Cambridge Paving Stones and Steps

Types in Stock:

  • Ledgestone 3pc Design Kit Ledgestone XL 3pc Design Kit River Rock -Color
  • 48″ Cast Stone Step
  • 72″ Cast Stone Step
  • 48″ Cast Stone Step Palisades

Cambridge Stones and Steps

Cambridge Paving Stones and StepsTM are affordable strong and durable cast stone. They are a cost-effective substitute for granite, natural bluestone, and similar minerals.

Cambridge Stones and Steps come in a variety of carefully-selected nature-inspired colors. You can choose from several styles that are easily integrated into many different outdoor layouts.

You can create natural-looking stone garden pathways with irregularly-shaped Cambridge Stepping Stones. Try adding other natural landscaping elements to enhance their organic appearance.

Cambridge paving stones are available in pre-packaged kits that allow amateurs and professionals alike build stairs and other elements quickly and easily.

These paving stones are stronger than concrete. They are also maintenance-free and much easier to install.

Cambridge stones can be laid right over concrete or asphalt. The Cambridge paver system is mortar-free and set in sand. Because of this, it is super simple to remove and replace.