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Types In Stock:

  • Unscreened Field Landscaping Topsoil
  • Screened Landscaping Topsoil for Grass
  • Enriched Topsoil for Gardens or Flower Beds
  • Mushroom Landscaping Compost
  • Fill Dirt for Landscaping
  • Sand

High-quality soil is vital for a successful large scale landscaping or construction project.

Foundations need firm and stable soil, and like mulch, not all soil is equal. Some grades will do a poor job of supporting large structures. Certain soils don’t cut it for specific plants, stones or for human foot traffic.

If you construct a building on poor soil, the foundation might crack, sink, or even fall over.

Soil has various physical properties that determine its suitability for specific purposes. Soil should have a solid structure if it will be supporting anything. Clay rich soil is good for stability. A mix of particle sizes can be best for landscaping and crops though.

Soil must maintain its integrity through the seasons, and be appropriate for local conditions. If your soil has the wrong clay minerals, excessive expansion and premature cracking of the foundation could occur.

Soil should have well-balanced chemistry to prevent corrosion. It should be able to absorb and release precipitation to decrease runoff and erosion.


Sandy soil is gritty because it includes many small weathered rock particles. It’s good for building, because it promotes efficient drainage, allowing water to migrate away from the construction site.

Sand stays in place and generally doesn’t move or shift. Builders and often like to add sand to soil and then compact it for a stable foundation.
If you are planning a large project, you need a qualified landscaping supply company that can give you expert advice and a quality supply of topsoil and compost.

At SugarHollow Farms, we are preeminent experts on all things related to soil and compost. Call us today for a complimentary consultation.