Commercial Grade Landscaping Fertilizer

Commercial Grade Landscaping Fertilizer | Sugar Hollow Farms

Types In Stock:

  • Fertilizer 16-28-10 (starter or fall fertilizer)
  • Lawn Starter
  • Fertilizer 18-0-4 (Early Spring w/ Crabgrass control). • Fertilizer 15-0-5 (Late Spring weed and feed)
  • Pelletized Lime (granular)

Unlike retail, commercial-grade fertilizer has customized slow release to fit all sorts of landscaping conditions.

Generally, the best release rate for large landscaping projects is between 30% to 50%. This way, the fertilizer breaks down slowly and nourishes the landscape over time.

Most retail fertilizers release all the nutrients at once. This means it won’t take long for the lawn to need fertilizer again.

At SugarHollowFarms, you will get knowledgable, customized recommendations for commercial grade fertilizer and other landscaping supply products. Whatever your needs, we should be able to fill your order.

Call us today, and let’s discuss your project in detail.

*Commercial grade fertilizer is available in 50 pound bags

* We offer free delivery of bulk, commercial grade fertilizer and other items within a 5-mile radius of our Effort or Windgap locations. For distances of over 5 miles, there will be a small charge of $4.00 per loaded mile.

**You can specify morning or evening delivery options. The driver will call you the day of the scheduled delivery to confirm a specific time. We will reschedule the delivery if a customer does not answer the phone.

***Drivers will try to meet dumping requests. But it’s up to the driver to decide whether the dumpsite is safe and accessible.

****Customers are responsible for delivery charges if the delivery cannot be completed. They are must cover towing charges if the truck gets stuck. Sugar Hollow Farms is not responsible for property damage during deliveries.