Natural Wall Stone

Walles | Sugar Hollow Farms

Types in Stock:

  • PA Wall Stone
  • West Mountain
  • White Wall
  • Colonial Wall (Grey)
  • Colonial Wall (Lilac)
  • PA River
  • Tumbled (Blue or Lilac) • Pocono Blend
  • Snapped Edge Colonial

You can use natural wall stone to create a stunning and memorable outdoor wall with character and personality. They are good for both retaining and freestanding walls, whether wet or dry.

Natural Wall Stone provides a defined and finished look to outdoor areas. At the same time, however, they are not completely uniform. They blend in well with natural outdoor surroundings due to their lack of uniformity. Natural Wall Stone’s organic variations create a unique impression for each and every hardscape project.

Sugar Hollow Farms has a huge selection landscaping supplies to fit your every need, including natural stone that will help you achieve the aesthetic effect and the functionality you are looking for.

Natural Paving Stone

Types in Stock:

  • Irregular Bluestone (Blue) • Irregular Bluestone (Lilac) • Cut Bluestone
  • Varigated up to 2’x3′
  • Varigated over 2’x3′
  • Cut Bluestone (Thermaled Ungauged) • Varigated up to 2’x3′
  • Varigated over 2’x3′
  • Bluestone Treads (12x Various)
  • Countertops

Natural Paving Stones are used like concrete pavers.

But unlike manufactured concrete, each piece has its own color hues and tones. Natural Paving Stones make each and every drive or walkway a unique statement of style, design, and taste. They are guaranteed to produce a unique effect every time.

Natural stone has much more character than concrete. What’s more, with routine cleaning, it will keep its appearance for a long time. It is resistant to the elements, including cold, snow and frost, and holds up well to foot traffic, play and work.