Decorative Pavers and Edging

Decorative Pavers and Edges | Sugar Hollow Farms

Products In Stock:

  • Decorative Pavers, Stepping Stones, Edgers • Round 12″ x 12″ Pavers – Red or Grey
  • Square 12″ x 12″ Pavers – Red or Grey
  • Round 16″ x 16″ Pavers – Red or Grey
  • Round 16″ x 16″ Pavers – Red or Grey • Crown Hill
  • Belgium Block – Grey – 4X4X8
  • Belgium Block – Grey – 5X5X9
  • Belgium Block – Grey – 10X7X4 • Belgium Block – Pink – 5X5X9
  • Scallop Edgers (Straight)
  • Scallop Edgers (Curved)
  • Edge Stones
  • Plastic Landscape Edging 10′ w/stakes
  • Aluminum Landscape Edging Mill Finish, with stakes – 4” X 8′
  • Aluminum Landscape Edging Black Finish, with stakes – 4” X 8′ • Plastic Paver Edging, with stakes – 7’6″
  • Aluminum Paver Edging, without stakes – 8′
  • 10″ Steel Spiral Spikes (50-pound case)

Decorative pavers are flat slabs of stone, clay, concrete—or a mixture of these. You can use them to create walkways, driveways patios, outdoor leisure areas, and pool decks.

Pavers have an elegant and beautiful appearance and a great deal of utility. They are durable and usually do not break or crack. You can expect decorative paver stones to last 50 years or more.

Decorative paving stones are much stronger than concrete. Decorative pavers need little maintenance, and since they have spaces between them, they can withstand the changing seasons. They are not slippery, so the risk of people falling is lower than with some other materials. They are also easy to install and affordable.

Pavers can add an element of grandeur or rustic beauty to any outdoor space. By using your imagination, you can create effects ranging from majestic to quaint.

Sugar Hollow Farms Landscaping Materials offers round and square decorative pavers from the best suppliers in the country. Most stock is available in red or grey, the most popular colors for industrial projects.

We also have several types of edge restraint products that keep pavers from shifting. These also prevent grass from popping up on the side of the pavers. They come in both aluminum and plastic and can either be flexible or rigid. Steel spiral spikes hold the edge restrainers in place.