Native Boulders

Native Boulders | Sugar Hollow Farms

Types in Stock:

  • Small (One Man)
  • Medium (2-3 Man—up to 1,000 pounds)
  • Large (1,000—2,000 pounds)
  • Extra Large (2,000 pounds+)
  • Water Feature Boulders (Moss Patina)
Sugar Hollow Farms is a landscape supply company that carries a large selection of native boulders for a variety of decorative purposes. Our native boulders range in size from small (15-200 pounds) to extra large (2,000 pounds+).

No two boulders are ever alike. Native boulders are a striking and unique way to accent a landscape, whether private, commercial, or public.

They are an excellent addition to water features, and lend an organic, natural appearance to any yard, courtyard or park.

Large rocks can be used to build retaining walls, and are perfect as accents to gardens or simple yards.