Driveway/Construction Stone

Crushed Stone Driveway | Sugar Hollow Farms

Types of Driveway and Construction Stone In Stock:

  • Dirty Modified ( Dirty Blue) • 3/4″ Modified (Blue/Grey) • 3/8″ Modified (Blue/Grey) • 3/4″ Modified (Red)
  • 3/4″ Clean
  • 3/8″ Clean
  • Screenings (Stone Dust)
  • Shale (Driveway Base)

Modified Stone

Modified stone is a type of driveway/construction stone with many applications in construction and landscaping. Modified stone is different from gravel. Genuine gravel occurs naturally and consists of small stones, often rounded over time by the force of water.

Modified stone begins as large rocks or boulders. They are then crushed, sorted, and sold in various sizes. Sizes range from aggregate —the medium-sized stones used in concrete and cement, to pea gravel. Modified stone is usually sold by the ton, with one ton covering around 1 cubic yard.

Modified stone is used for foundations and the top layers of driveways and unpaved roads, which is why it is often referred to as “driveway stone.” It an important ingredient for creating drainage beds. Its sharp edges help the individual stones stick to one another. Crushed stone can also be compressed to boost adherence.

Clean Stone

SugarHollow Farms’ clean stone is crushed and then screened to sizes of 3/4” or 3/8.” This aggregate is then cleaned using special equipment to make sure no stone dust or other residues remain. This is where the term, “clean stone” comes from.

Clean stone performs many functions in construction and landscaping. Its uses include forming drainage beds, creating French drains, tree borders, unpaved driveways, and making ready-mix concrete and asphalt.