Tree Removal Service

Tree Removal Service | Sugar Hollow Farms
Tree Removal Service | Sugar Hollow Farms

Tree Removal Service

There are many reasons that a homeowner might need a tree removal service. You might have a tree that is sick or threatening the integrity of your building. Or, you might like to make room to plant a new tree or landscape design or garden.

When you work with trees, be careful if you hope to avoid damage to your property or yourself. There are also many incompetent companies and scam artists in this industry. Call Sugar Hollow Farms to obtain a reliable, licensed qualified provider for tree or stump removal.

SugarHollow Farms’ Can Offer You the Following Tree Services:

  • Tree Removal
    We have removed thousands of trees throughout the Greater Mount Effort area since inception. We always complete the job safely, affordably and efficiently. We have all the needed equipment, licenses, and certifications. We are always improving our methods.
  • Trimming/Pruning
    We have all the tools required to expertly trim branches on trees large and small, as well as shrubs. No matter what the size, we will trim them with great expertise, while maximizing safety to your property.
  • Stump Removal
    Stump removal is more involved than tree removal. But we know all the most up-to-date approaches for getting ugly, inconvenient and dangerous stumps out of the ground fast. We are well versed in physical, chemical and decomposition methods. We will get them out, no matter what type of tree or its age.
  • Stump Grinding
    We are also fully equipped to grind stumps, which can be quicker, less costly and less labor intensive. Chemicals or burning not required. Not a DIY project. Requires special equipment.