Spring And Fall Cleanup

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Spring and Fall Clean Up

Sugar Hollow Farms offers a full range of services to make your Spring and Fall cleanup completely painless and worry free. Get some work done, kick back and relax or go somewhere and enjoy yourself. We’ll do everything for you.

And when we’re through, we guarantee you’ll be more than completely satisfied. You might even be pleasantly shocked.

Spring Cleanup Services

A good spring clean up will breathe new life into your property and make it look fantastic. It all starts with getting rid of weeds, litter, leaves, fallen tree and shrub branches.

Debris removal keeps leaves, sticks and other organic material from rotting on your yard, which leads to lead to mildew and mold. Debris also brings pests and makes it difficult for your lawn to get all the oxygen and sunlight that it needs.

Getting rid of old mulch and replacing it with a new batch also has a host of benefits. Fresh mulch helps stifle weed germination and growth. It also helps the soil retain water and stay cool in the warm weather.

Spring clean up is usually completed in a single visit. Don’t hesitate to call or stop by if you have any questions whatsoever…

Clean Up | Sugar Hollow Farms

Lawn Aeration

Your lawn needs to “breathe” to be truly luscious and green. Aeration helps nutrients, water, and oxygen get to the soil underneath the grass. Compaction, thatch and debris under your grass can cause the roots to become depleted. Aeration is beneficial for compacted, poor or clay-heavy soil, especially if its been impacted by foot traffic or equipment, etc.

Aeration refers to making small holes in the soil to alleviate compaction. This lets vital elements circulate and reach the roots, leading to a stronger, healthier lawn.

Clean Up | Sugar Hollow Farms

Other Spring Cleanup Services

  • Lawn mowing
  • Lawn repair
  • Clearing and composting debris
  • Re-edging and cleaning flower beds and garden.
  • Redefining the lawn borders
  • Re-seeding damaged areas
  • Trimming and pruning and shrubs and trees
  • Removing and replacing old mulch
  • Covering utility boxes
  • Cleaning patio and deck furniture, pillows, cushions and covers

Spring cleaning can be a big job, so let us take care of the hassle for you. Once we agree, we’ll first survey the property, then we’ll get right to work. You won’t believe how neat, tidy and clear your lawn and property will look. We’ll do whatever needs to be done to exceed your expectations.

Don’t Delay — Call Sugar Hollow Today for an Appointment: 570-629-7056

Clean Up | Sugar Hollow Farms

Fall Cleanup Services

Let your yard achieve its potential beauty and splendor by hiring us to do your fall cleanup. Our Fall Cleanup Services include:

  1. Clearing debris
  2. Tilling vegetable gardens
  3. Trimming and pruning
  4. Gutter cleaning
  5. Lawn feeding
  6. Raking and mulching
  7. Aerating lawns

The team at Sugar Hollow is timely, experienced, professional and courteous. We’ll make your property like you have never seen it before.

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Our friendly staff is always ready and willing to help you get what you need to get the job done right. We’ll guide you in designing and estimating any project and have the materials delivered on time when you need them.