Bulk Mulch

Bulk Mulch | Sugar Hollow Farms

Types in Stock:

  • Single Ground Chips/Shreds
  • Double Ground Hardwood
  • Triple Ground Hardwood
  • Double Ground Premium Bark • Dyed Red, Brown, Black
  • Canadian Cedar
  • Certified Playground • Double Ground Chips


Not all mulch is the same.

Mulch performs differently under various conditions and climates. This is especially so when using large volumes. At SugarHollowFarms, you can find the slower decomposing, large chunk type of mulch, as well as smaller, premium wood shreds and chips.

We offer single, double, and triple ground premium bark. We have in stock double and triple ground hardwood and a huge selection of premium dyed red, brown and black mulch chips as well as certified playground.

We also carry a broad variety of cost-effective weed-prevention products you can choose from, including compost, sawdust, grass clippings, and straw.

Sugar Hollow Farms’ premium mulches are rich in color and consistent in quality. Many bulk buyers prefer our mulches due to their consistent quality and texture.

We have greatly expanded our facilities, inventory and landscaping supply distribution system. We can supply large industrial and government construction and landscaping projects of all sizes and complexity.

You might be able to see by the photographs that our landscaping supply stock is immense. But the images don’t do justice to the sheer size and variety of our industrial-grade materials.

Come and see for yourself.