Wood Pellets

Advantages of using New England Premium Wood Pellets
Sugar Hollow Farms is proud to be a dealer for New England Wood Pellets. This is a company that produces a very high quality, reliable and smartly priced product. We offer these premium wood pellets by the bag or 1 ton pallet. 

Advantages that Wood Pellets have over more common sources of heat:
  • Reduces your usage of oil and gas
  • Pellet fuel cost is not dictated by world events; therefore cost is more affordable and predictable.
  • Since pellet stove emissions are so low, they can be burned in most areas, even those with burning restrictions.
  • Pellet fuel has been proven to provide the cleanest burn of any solid fuel.
  • Only minimal clearance is needed for appliance installation. Because of the near total combustion (around 98.5%) pellet stoves produce virtually no creosote.  This also allows installation of a pellet stove by direct vent... without a chimney!
  • Sustainable source of fuel
  • Reduces waste destined for landfills and the cost of disposing waste is greatly reduced.
  • One ton of wood pellets has the heat value of about one and a half cords of wood and stacks easily in one third the space!  This makes it possible to easily store fuel for the entire season.
  • A 40-pound bag of New England Wood Pellets produces on average approximately 3 ounces of ash.

Frequently Asked Questions
Everyday, we get calls from people interested in wood pellets.  Below are answers to some of the more common questions. If you have other questions not addressed here, please feel free to give us a call. We’d be happy to discuss any questions you may have.

1. How much do pellets cost?
Pellets are a significantly less expensive source of heat than most other fuels.  Call us for current pricing.
2. Where does the wood to make the pellets come from?
Our pellets come from waste and residual wood from furniture mills, flooring companies, sawmills and other wood product manufacturing.
3. Do you use glue or additives to make the pellets?
We do not use any type of glue or additives in the process, except for a very small percentage of soybean oil to enhance the efficiency of our pellet equipment.
4. What makes them shiny?
Lignin - a natural component of wood, which makes up 10-20% of the dry weight of wood.
5. Can I store my pellets outside?
Each ton of pellets is packaged in plastic bags, then covered by a heavy plastic cover bag and then stretch-wrapped.  This helps weather the elements if stored off the wet ground.  However, we encourage our consumers to store their pellet fuel in a dry, covered location as soon as possible after purchase.